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Ask a Draco in a Dress

Trust me, it isn't by choice.
AKA I was hexed into this and I am honestly trying everything I can in my pureblooded power and supremacy to get out of it. Really.

If you're feeling a little chatty today, why don't you leave me a question?
I'll get to it when I'm done patting down these awful ruffles.
Mar 30 '13

randominoes asked:

are you dead? :o you never update anymore D:

I still check back here quite regularly! I suppose not dead in the literal sense then. But I’ve been going through another rough patch and university’s finally caught up with me, so…

There are still many questions sitting in my inbox, hopefully summer gives a fresh start :)

Feb 14 '13

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Feb 3 '13

I’m nothing but 100% pureblooded supremacy. Besides, Valentine’s is coming up! Time to put aside those silly excuses for loving me.

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Jan 20 '13


((Does that include Potter? ;}))
One can dream.

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Jan 14 '13

Well…frankly, this outfit is horrid on many levels.

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Jan 12 '13

lionwithasnakesheart asked:

((Sorry, off on holiday for a few days, but back now~! Yeah, Tumblr should make it easier to chat :V Aww, missed you heaps too <3)) *canine grin, wraps arms firmly around Draco's waist*


..staying inside is fine too, actually.

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